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Hi, I'm Arthur D. Kiser...Welcome to my Online Professional Profile!

Arthur D. Kiser's Bio:

Arthur D. Kiser has nearly 17 years experience in Corporate Management, Currency Trading, Professional Sales and Business Finance.  In addition, he possesses over a decade of experience, as a Real Estate Professional and Entrepreneur.


He received his formal Education at the University of South Alabama School of Business, in 1987.  Since then, he has continued his academic pursuits, and has been Professionally Trained and Coached by some of the most sought after Professionals in the Real Estate Industry.  He has advanced his career by attending and completing many Real Estate Boot Camps and Schools such as:


     * Ron LeGrand's Quick Turn Real Estate School
     * Lance Edward's Multifamily Success System
     * Bob Leonetti's Paper Power / Note Buying System
     * Ron LeGrand's Paper Power for Real Estate Entrepreneurs
     * Donald Trump's Intense Real Estate Training (Trump University)
     * Marco Kozlowski's Luxury Homes Real Estate Training
     * Ron LeGrand's Commercial Property Boot Camp
     * Alan Cowgill's Real Estate and Private Lending Premium Training System


In addition to Real Estate Training, Mr. Kiser continuously attends Leadership and Personal Development Conferences, conducted by such Greats as Bob Proctor (One of the Teachers in the Movie "The Secret"), Brian Tracy, Colin Powell, Tony Robbins, Kevin Trudeau, Lou Holtz, and Steve Forbes, just to name a few.


Since 1995, Mr. Kiser has bought, sold and invested in many Real Estate properties using various strategies such as Owner Finance, Lease/Option, Option, Retail, Wholesale and of course, Cash.  In addition, he has participated in at least 3 Real Estate Infomercials that were broadcasted Nationwide. 


In 2007 he started a commercial project to develop a Community of Luxury Homes.  However, this venture was halted due to the Economic Crash of 2008.  Currently, Mr. Kiser specializes in Cash-Flow, by buying Apartment Buildings, Real Estate Notes and Single Family Residential homes.


Mr. Kiser got his start in Real Estate in 1994, when he purchased his first home.  Although he had good, steady income as a Manager of a Fortune 500 Company, Mr. Kiser could not meet the stringent guidelines to qualify for bank financing, due to a few dings on his credit report, at that time.  He therefore, had to do a "Lease/Purchase" in order to buy his first home.  This sparked an Idea.


He realized that there were thousands of people in a similar situation as his...honest, hard working adults who had the ability and the desire to buy a home, but could not meet the stringent guidelines to qualify for bank financing.  As a result, he then started his first Real Estate Investment Firm in Atlanta, GA.  The primary purpose was helping those in a similar situation, to realize the American Dream of Home Ownership. 


Mr. Kiser's Passion and Zeal for real estate investing is generated from a creative and artistic aspect of his personality.   As a young child, he discovered his passion for artistic design, in his ability to draw naturally.  And with Real Estate, the fact that there is a tangible result and an ability to witness the fruits of his labor, this enhances his natural artistic and creative ability.  Mr. Kiser loves that he can take an ugly house, fix it up and make it beautiful again.  Combined with his Business Acumen, this is the Ideal Career for him.


As the Executive Director of Acquisitions, he utilizes a Multi-Strategy approach to reduce market risk, thereby executing Income Strategies, as well as Long Term Wealth Plays for high returns.  He specializes primarily in Multifamily Residential Homes.


Mr. Kiser is also a Member of the Cambridge "Who's Who" among Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs.  In addition, he has been recognized as a Top Ranked U. S. Executives, by the National Counsel of American Executives.



Arthur D. Kiser's Experience:

  • Executive Director of Acquisitions at Imperial Capital Management, LLC

    Arthur D. Kiser helps Private Investors earn above Market Returns on Passive Investments, that are Doubly Secured by Real Estate Equity and Positive Cash Flow. Mr. Kiser also specializes in buying Small Apartments, Distressed Assets and Real Estate Notes, rather Performing or Non-Performing, as well as , Bulk REO and Bulk NPNs.

  • Executive Director of Wealth Management at Platinum Global Investments, Inc.

Arthur D. Kiser's Education:

  • LeFlore High School

    Activities: Drummajor, Member of the Marching Band and Member of the Mu Alpha Theta National High School & Junior College Math Club
  • University of South Alabama

    Bachelor of Science (BS)
    Concentration: Business, Management, Marketing and Finance
    Activities: Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and Young Executives of America

Arthur D. Kiser's Interests & Activities:

Marketing, Human Behavior, Italian Cooking, Movies in Digital Surround Sound, Effective Communication, Music, Giving Back to Society and Personal Growth & Development

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